This site offers free downloads of audio dhamma talks by meditation masters of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism. Most of the talks have been translated from Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Tan Ajaan Geoff) a senior monk of this tradition who is the abbot at Metta Forest Monastery in Valley Center, California. All of the dhamma is offered freely and with no strings attached as the best way to repay a teacher’s generosity is to earnestly put the teachings into practice for yourself, for your own benefit and the benefit of the world. These talks have been recorded by a female lay follower of the Buddha. She asks forgiveness for any mistakes in pronunciation of either Thai or Pali words and phrases, as she is not well versed in either language. The talks are organized by author (see menu) and book title, and new talks are occasionally being added.

Free copies of some the printed books can be requested from Metta Forest Monastery (Watmettavanaran) and they may also be available for free download at www.dhammatalks.org.

This site has recently been modified (7/2016) to begin including dhamma talks by the late Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita, a Burmese monk whose instruction of Vipassana meditation will lead you to experience the heart of the Buddha’s teachings, but only if you sincerely put the teachings  into practice with effort, mindfulness and persistence.

It is a rare and true blessing to have the opportunity to hear the Buddha’s true dhamma. It is even rarer for someone to actually put the teachings into practice. It is the sincere hope of this lay follower that these talks will inspire you, the listener, to join the ranks of the latter.