Ajaan Maha Boowa


ajaan mahaAjaan Maha Boowa (1913-2011) was one of the best known Thai buddhist monks and was widely regarded as an Arahant, a living buddhist saint. He was born in Baan Taad village in the northeastern province of Udon Thani. When he was 21, his parents asked him to enter the monkhood for a season, a Thai tradition to show gratitude towards one’s parents, though he had no intentions of remaining a monk at that time. However, after studying the incarnations of the Buddha and his Arahant disciples, he said that he was so impressed that he decided to seek the same enlightenment as had the Buddha’s original disciples. After completing several years of Dhamma and Vinaya studies, he then concentrated entirely on the practice of Dhamma in hopes of studying with Venerable Ajahn Mun, one of the most renowned meditation masters of his time. He eventually became one of Ajahn Mun’s most devoted students having credited his beloved teacher with showing him that the paths leading to Nibbana still existed.  “Now, I have come to the real thing. He has made everything clear and I no longer have doubts. It is now up to me to be true or otherwise. I’m determined to be true!”, a promise that he fulfilled both for himself and for the benefit of the world.

Audio Books: Talks can be downloaded as MP3 files.

Straight From The Heart

  1. The Marvel of The Dhamma (39’21”)
  2. The Prison World (38’25”)
  3. The Language of The Heart (20’50”)

Forest Dhamma (the reader should be aware that in many instances, the word Bhikkhu has been replaced with Bhikkhuni by the recorder.  This is not present in the original text)

  1. Watch Your Thoughts (31’06”)
  2. The Four Noble Truths (20’02”)
  3. A Lifetime Endeavour (34’20”) (new recording of 2nd half 5.15.14, apologies for the difference in sound)