Phra Ajaan Subhaddo Chah


chah-1Chah Subhaddo, Phra Ajaan (1918-1992)  was born in 1918 in a village in the northeastern part of Thailand. He became a novice at a young age and received higher ordination at the age of twenty. He followed the austere Forest Tradition for years, living in forests and begging for almsfood as he wandered about on mendicant pilgrimage. He practiced meditation under a number of masters, including Phra Ajaan Mun, who had an indelible influence on Ajaan Chah, giving his meditation the direction and clarity that it lacked. Ajaan Chah later became an accomplished meditation teacher in his own right, sharing his realization of the Dhamma with those who sought it. The essence of the teaching was rather simple: be mindful, don’t hang on to anything, let go and surrender to the way things are. Ajaan Chah passed away in January, 1992 following a long illness.

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Still Flowing Water

  1. In The Shape of A Circle part 1 (9’36”)